Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The causes of aggression

The Causes of Aggression

To fully understand aggression it would be beneficial to look at what actually causes it in the first place. Below is a list of factors that cause aggression, 

  • Nature of the sport – Is the sport Contact or Non contact? Contact sports have a higher chance.

  • Rivalry -  This can be either between teams or certain players.

  • The Event – What is its importance? Are there any expectations?

  • Score – The larger the differential the increased chance of aggression.

  • Extrinsic Rewards – e.g. Do they get monetary/win bonus?  For a good example see the New Orleans Saints Bounty Video.    

  • Venue – Is it at home or away? Teams are more aggressive when playing away.

  • Poor Officials – A bad call can spark aggression.

  • Copying others – See Social Learning Theory.

  • Frustration – See Frustration Aggression Theory.

  • Verbal persuasion - has been identified as an instigator of aggressive actions (Bandura, 1979). 

  • High arousal levels

These are just a few of the athlete and coach specific causes, the list could also include spectator factors.


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