Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Aggression in the Sporting Environment

This blog is a coaching resource to aid both athletes and coaches to gain a better understanding of aggression within the sporting environment and how it can be controlled.  It aims to give a comprehensive definition of aggression then look at the theories behind the principle of aggression using relevant academia to provide evidence behind the content. The types of aggression will be covered using sport specific examples to reinforce the difference between these. Finally the situations in which aggression can occur and the significance of controlling aggression for both the coach and athlete will be covered, with strategies for each to cope with reducing aggressive behaviour.

Before aggression is defined here is an interesting thought to contemplate, why is it that that some sporting performers act so aggressively and act immorally while performing yet they don’t in society?  Bredemeier & Shields (1986) described this temporary suspension of everyday morality in sport as Bracketed Morality. 

The Ottawa Senators player has sustained a heavy eye injury duting the fight with a Boston Bruins player


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